Pretty in Pink Revisited

Pretty as a PictureI originally posted this photo back in 2011, but since I’m not going to get a chance to go look for new photos today, I thought I’d repost this one. The reason for the pink balloons was the running of the annual Meidenloop, and today is the date for the 2014 edition. The Meidenloop is a 3k, 5k, or 10k race for women through the city, including under the Domtoren, which is where this stretch on Zadelstraat leads.

The race raises money for the Helen Dowling Institute, which helps those who are battling cancer. It takes place every year, so if you’re the running type, consider taking part in the next edition. It’s for a good cause and follows a beautiful route. Succes dames!

Flamingo Friends

flamKeck & Lisa is a ridiculously fun, adorable shop on Zadelstraat, by Mariaplaats. They sell all sorts of colorful, beautiful home and garden items and I always want to buy at least half of everything they have. When I was there last weekend, I immediately fell in love with this pink flamingo. This one isn’t quite as glam as Orlando, the flamingo I bought last year, but I’m pretty sure Orlando is getting a bit lonely and would like some stylish company. Anyone want to buy a photo or two of mine so I can afford to give Orlando a new friend? 😉

Shop Dog Revisited

Sweet Dreams
I’ve posted photos in the past of one of the bulldogs that spends his days at one of the furniture stores on Zadelstraat. Today, as we were heading over to Mariaplaats, we were lucky enough to see one of the other bulldogs. I couldn’t resist getting a few photos of this charmer asleep on his throne (or next to a throne), tongue sticking out to all the world. Look at that lovely face!

What a Face

Make Yourself Comfy

Foto Vrijdag: Pretty in Pink

Pretty as a Picture
This view from Mariaplaats up Zadelstraat caught my eye for both the pink balloons, as well as the view through the arch of the Domtoren which rises up at the end of the street. Add in the flowers on the lamps, the slightest hint of a hill, and the woman on the bike, and I found this shot irresistible.

Here’s the long view of the street, with the Domtoren fully in view: