Zakkendrager Revisited … Again

Zakkendrager Art
I really do love this street. I posted various photos of it — and some of the wall art — earlier in the year. Any time I head to the Vredenburg market on Saturdays, I always cut through Zakkendragersteeg, because it’s just so charming and picturesque and gezellig. Last week, as we cut through to the market, I noticed this new bit of wall art. It’s a bit of decoration for Restaurant de Zakkendrager, with a bit of influence from Vermeer. Yet another reason for me to love this narrow street.

In fact, the Oudaen castle that I posted about in my last Time Travel entry is next to this street, so if you visit one, you can see the other! Further down Zakkendragersteeg, there are also some new posters up on the wall, showing old photos and drawings of the area, while explaining a bit of the history. Sadly, my camera’s batteries were dying at that point, not to mention it was starting to rain, so I don’t have any photos of those to share. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to go again soon and maybe check some of the other side streets off the Oudegracht to see if there are more of these posters.

We’re expecting more rain again this weekend, so I doubt I’ll do much exploring, but I am thinking of heading to the Utrechtse Archief (Utrecht Archives) to check out an exhibit of old photos showing how animals have been a part of the city over the years. Fijn weekend!

Zakkendragerstreet Revisited (UDP)

I took a photo today, but the weather was lousy and I only had my camera phone with me. I just wasn´t inspired by the end results. I blame that in part on three days of sinus pressure headaches. Blah blah blah, something about congestion.

So instead I´m offering up another view of the Zakkendragersteeg from the other day. I particularly love this row of bright red shutters. When it´s a bit dark out and there´s a warm glow coming from the restaurant windows, it´s charmingly picturesque.

Zakkendrager (UDP)

Zakkendrager. The little sculpture basically translates the name for you, sack dragger, or porter. Zakkendragersteeg, a narrow alley/street, runs between Vredenburg and the Oudegracht. It has become my favorite shortcut, but I also go out of my way to go down it now. There’s something so incredibly charming and vintage to the feel of it. You really feel like you’ve gone back in time a bit, despite some of the more modern shops along the way, although this is also a vintage clothing shop, as well. Perhaps it is the narrowness or the look of some of the buildings themselves, but it definitely has character.