Eclipse Alternative (UDP)

Better Than an Eclipse
This morning, there was a partial eclipse (zonsverduistering) of the sun. I missed it, though, because it was the one day I managed to fall back to sleep after awaking early, and thus slept in later than usual. That said, it was awfully overcast here this morning, so I’m not sure how clear it would have been, or how much darker it would have been. Still, some people did manage to get some nice photos of the eclipse. You can see some here.

Things have cleared up here today, though, and the sun was shining brightly around noon. That’s when this photo was taken. Did you catch the part where I said this was taken at noon today? Notice the position of the sun in the sky during what should be its zenith? Yeah, gotta love winter suns. I may have missed the partial eclipse, but I think the sun shining through the trees, and the various clouds and vapor trails have more than made up for the light show I missed this morning.