Two-Day Meal

We managed to make it out today without getting drenched. It’s been overcast, but the rain has held off. We headed over to Biltstraat to visit the butcher and Super De Boers (another grocery store chain). At the butcher, we ended up buying half of a turkey breast. Sadly, they didn’t have any turkey legs and the breast is without skin. I’m not really sure how I’m going to cook it, but I’ll find a way. At least I’ll have enough left for sandwiches the next day. That’s the most important part.

I also managed to find some massive sweet potatoes — much bigger than any others I’ve seen here and bigger than the ones I used to find in the US, for that matter. I also got my pecans, so pie has been made today, along with cranberry sauce (with orange and ginger), and I made the cornbread for the dressing. We’ve got potatoes for mashing and green beans for topping with fried onion bits (sort of like the Dutch version of French’s onions), so I think we should have a nice Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

It’s been fun reading posts from other expats who are preparing for Thanksgiving, and seeing which ingredients are must-haves. It’s funny the simple ingredients that can get us so excited when we find them!

5 thoughts on “Two-Day Meal

  1. I saw those huge sweet potatoes at the market the other day. Aren’t they funny? I’ve never seen anything like it! Your pecan pie looks awesome too, bye the way. I’m curious to see a picture from tomorrow’s table.

  2. @pamcakes The pie recipe is my dad’s so I know it’s good! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving on Sunday.

    @kerryanne I hope you enjoy the pie. Have a lovely time today!

    @Lizzy The sweet potatoes are unbelievable, aren’t they! I’ve got mine in the oven now, just in case it takes twice the time to bake! I’m hoping I’ll remember to take pictures before we eat!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  3. Same deal with turkey breasts down here in Maastricht, no skin, no bones. Really an odd thing to try to cook. But with stffing and basting and chicken stock it stayed moist ad me out great! ‘hope you had a wonderfu day: I love the pies

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