Inktpot Teaser

The Day the Earth Stood Still
We went to the Inktpot today, as part of the national lead-up to the official Open Monument Day in September. Between now and then, a different monument will be open each month (week?) throughout the country as a bit of a teaser to the main event. Utrecht kicked things off with the opening of the ProRail head offices, which are housed in the building known as the Inktpot because of the shape of it (notice the main tower in the center). The UFO was a leftover from an art installation back in 2000 and has become just as recognizable a landmark.
Office Number
The building is a mass of bricks and quite heavy in appearance, but it’s full of little decorative details that make it surprisingly interesting and attractive. I really enjoyed visiting the building and seeing things like these office numbers, done in a stylish font and placed on the ground.
There were a couple of towers that were pretty impressive, as they rose, brick after brick, sometimes as high as 25 meters. I’ve got more photos to upload to Flickr. Until I do, these will give you a taste of things to come. I’ll end on a high note, with a view looking up the main tower to the skylight at the top.
25 Meters Up

1 thought on “Inktpot Teaser

  1. Amazing! that’s so high up, wow! (I think I have reverse vertigo, is that possible? LOL)
    Even the ceilings appear to be brick, you could get a little disorientated here, but it’s also quite a feat of engineering and more beautiful than I thought it would be actually (from first glimpse of the outside).
    I hope you can show us more of these gems 🙂

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