Bones, Bottles and Body Parts

Opening Times
We stumbled across what may be Utrecht’s most unusual and fantastic store while out on Sunday. Those are, indeed, anatomical models of eyeballs and other body parts that you see in the photo. Van Leest Antiques (Mariaplaats 45) specializes in scientific and medical instruments, along with other related items. As you can see, they have plenty of anatomical models of various flora and fauna, but they also have scientific machines, including a Faraday cage and a “Leyden jar for a Tesla preparation”. They also have some wonderful medicine chests and apothecary jars and even skeletons and fluid-preserved specimens. It’s historic, informative, fascinating, creepy and so much more!

Anatomy Antiques
I had no idea this shop was here, but I’m thrilled to know it exists! In a world of chain retail outlets taking over, and smaller independent shops like the lovely Koek & Chocolade closing its doors here in Utrecht, it’s wonderful to know that something to unusual and niche is still here. Even if you can’t visit the shop yourself, do check out the website. It’s in both Dutch and English and is fantastic to click through all the amazing offerings. There are also better photos of the inside of the store. Unfortunately, I was limited to a few photos of the front window heavy with reflections of the surrounding area.
Unusual Window Display

Van Leest

4 thoughts on “Bones, Bottles and Body Parts

    • I suspect there’s probably a fair bit of interest in some of the other items they offer. If I could afford it, I’d probably buy a lot of the apothecary items and globes. I’m guessing they do the bulk of their business online and such nowadays.

  1. Alison,
    Like you I would love to own some of the apothecary items, medicine cabinets etc but the prices… phew! Definitely out of my league as far as justifying so much money on one such item.
    I wonder if medical students needs some of the anatomical items when they qualify as Dr’s?

    • Sadly, I think this is a case of “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.” Oh well, a girl can dream! As for the doctors, it does seem like some of the models would be useful for better explaining to patients what’s going on. I’m sure some of those 3D models would make more sense than the usual flat images in certain cases. Speaking of which, I’m glad you’re on the mend, but feel awful for you that it’s taking so long. Foot pain is bad enough, but such extended pain must be so exhausting and frustrating.

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