Ecstasy of the Beat

Feel the Rhythm
Before heading to the market today, we took a slight detour over to Korte Minrebroederstraat and the Stadhuis. I knew that there were supposed to be various events there today as part of the In Vervoering Festival taking place in Utrecht this weekend. The festival is a mix of music, poetry, theater and film, often mobile, and in unexpected places and formats. You can ride in a bakfiets and have poetry recited for you, for example. The festival continues through tomorrow. More of the action is moving to the nearby Lepelenburg Park tomorrow, so I’ll have to check the schedule and see what else might be worth checking out.

What we saw today was a bit like Stomp, but with cups, along with a bit of singing and chasing. It was a fun performance to watch. For once, I thought to use the movie option on my camera and filmed a snippet of the performance. Don’t mind the bikes passing by; that’s just normal life here.

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here to go to the youtube page.

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