Branching Out

Sunday, on my way back from the Centraal Museum, I couldn’t resist visiting my favourite sculpture. That also meant walking through the little park in which the sculpture stands. The weather was amazing and the sky was a stunning, pure blue. Everything was so crisp and I loved the shapes of the still-bare tree branches against the sky. But then I do love a good tree.

As I continued my walk, I went past Lepelenburg Park where I saw a group of young kids learning how to fence. The safety swords they were using reminded me of some of the tree branches. You’ll have to take my word, though, as I didn’t actually take any photos of their training session.

In all, it was a gorgeous spring day in Utrecht. Hopefully, it won’t be the last!
Twee Toren

Twisty to the Right

8 thoughts on “Branching Out

    • Thanks. That first photo is now my desktop wallpaper. I find it impossible not to photograph him!

      I did go see the punk exhibit. It was definitely worth a visit. Surprisingly interactive, as well, if you want. Fantastic Keith Haring piece and a great multi-piece work based on children’s colouring book images. Plus, all of the squatter info and photos. Lots to see!

  1. Hello Alison
    I’m a recent addition to your loyal followers. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your posts, they provide a real connection to my old home town, and it helps to see and read it through the eyes of someone not native to Utrecht (I’m guessing). Thank you , and please keep up the good work!

  2. It’s lovely how the bare branches stand out against that pretty blue sky. I too hope that we’ll be able to enjoy more days like these this spring, fingers crossed!

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