Bow Before the Cat

Typical Cat
While walking through the Domplein today, I saw this cat and wanted to get a photo, because she had some fantastic markings and just a face full of character. Unfortunately, she got up and moved before I could get a proper photo. Still, I got her mid-lick as it seemed she’d just finished eating something.

As I watched to see where she was headed, in the hopes of still getting a proper photo, I realized she was heading straight for the VVV office (tourist information center). Sure enough, she walked straight up to the doors, which happen to be electronic sliding doors and they opened right up for her.
Typical Cat

She went straight to the heater in the foyer area and settled in to get warm and comfy. There’s another set of doors to get into the actual heart of the tourist office, but she didn’t bother going that far. The doors shut behind her and she was obviously where she wanted to be. Smart cat!
Typical Cat

Typical Cat

8 thoughts on “Bow Before the Cat

    • I heard from the VVV today that she’s a neighbour’s cat, but she likes to spend time in their foyer, keeping cozy! Oh, and her name is Coco. Seems perfect!

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