Heads Up with a Side of Escher

FramesThis was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I thought I’d throw in a few words of explanation. This is the view looking up through one of the stairwells at the Centraal Museum. I love the alternating frames that emphasize the artwork of the light at the top. And if you look at it all a bit twisted, there is a sense of Escher to the whole scene. Just more proof that it pays to look up.Frames

8 thoughts on “Heads Up with a Side of Escher

  1. Very nice! By the way, have you ever been to the Escher Museum? I finally went last summer, and it was so great. Definitely worth the trip to Den Haag.

    • I haven’t been, but I’ve wanted to go and was thinking about making the trip soon. Glad to hear it’s worth it! FYI, the Lentebockbier festival is this weekend …

      • I was about to ask if you’re been there! It’s a really nice museum and it’s in an old palace which makes it extra fun, plus it’s at the end of this long, tree-lined road with lots of important buildings and embassies so there’s lots to see on your way there and back as well 🙂

        • I’ve been to Den Haag a few times, but never to that museum, although I’ve passed it. It definitely looked like an area I wanted to explore a bit more.

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