Greek with a French Twist

Greek FrenchMykonos, besides being a Greek island, is a restaurant here in Utrecht just off of Neude. When I passed by the other weekend during the Tour de France Grand Depart events, I couldn’t help but notice a certain French bistro touch to the outside that I don’t remember. Or maybe I’ve just been oblivious. Either way, it’s pretty and charming. Greek French

7 thoughts on “Greek with a French Twist

  1. Mykonos is one of my favorite restaurants in Utrecht! We ate there frequently and I miss it a lot. Never had a bad or even so-so meal there. The food was always great! I do remember seeing that little bistro style table there last summer, though.

    • We’ve never eaten out much, so never tried it, but now we’ll definitely have to! And yes, I thought I remembered the bistro table, but not all the flowers and other bits.

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