For Reals

It’s official. A painting in De Fundatie Museum in Zwolle has been declared a Van Gogh. There were doubts originally, both because of the style/subject, but also because the man who had purchased it had also purchased a number of paintings that he claimed were Vermeers, which turned out to be forgeries. His credibility was called into question, as a result. However, experts from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam have officially verified the authenticity of this work, titled Le Blute-fin Windmill, a piece from Van Gogh’s Parisian period.

Source with full story and image

10 thoughts on “For Reals

    • I can absolutely understand why they would have been hesitant. Without provenance and with the discoverer’s past mistakes, along with the lack of connection to other works, it’s not surprising that they were hesitant.

    • They compared paint, but even more interesting, they compared the canvases to other confirmed works he did from the same period, matching the canvases to the one shop he purchased his canvas from in Paris. The technical side fascinates me as much as the art side, sometimes.

  1. Really cool to learn! I had seen a bit on the news about this, but I didn’t catch the whole story, so thanks for sharing! I too can see why they’d be hesitant, but like you I love the technical side to this just as much as the artistic side 🙂

    Have a great week further & a nice weekend!

  2. Well, that’s good news! I have seen this painting in the Fundatie Museum here in my city. I can understand why they were so skeptical, though! I hadn’t heard the news about the confirmation that it is indeed a Van Gogh – thanks for sharing this!

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