Utrecht Promotion

Utrecht has been getting a bit of attention recently. Expatica, one of the major expat resource websites (although I hate the forum, which seems to be nothing but complaining), has done a piece on Where to Live in Utrecht, discussing some of the different areas in the province.

Even more exciting was the New York Times doing a piece about Utrecht and its quirks. There are photos, too, of artsy Utrecht, although they really didn’t even leave the Oudegracht.

9 thoughts on “Utrecht Promotion

  1. I rarely ever visit expatica. I’ve gone to the forums once or twice and ran out screaming haha There’s a crazy lady here in NL that I know just through expat circles, and from what I know she’s notorious for posting and complaining on there. Best avoided like the plague.

    Cool that Utrecht is getting some love. I hope to visit there sometime in the spring or summer as I’ve not been there in over 10 years!

    • I checked the site a few times before moving here, but for what I was looking for specifically, it wasn’t particularly helpful. After we moved here, I checked it a few times again, and hit up the forum and felt like I was living in a completely different country! I also wondered what mystical places they had lived before, because I’d either visited or lived in the same countries they supposedly came from and they weren’t as perfect as these people made them out to be!

      Now I like to laugh at them, but I think they can be detrimental to people not yet here or newly here.

      Spring and summer are great here, sitting out on the canal-level terras on the Oudegracht. Such a civilized way of life! 😉

  2. I don’t like expatica forums…I find many are filled with some very negative and/or unhappy folks and they like to slam away.

    We were just at the Griftpark by the poo-men btw 😉

    • I figure that a lot of these unhappy people are the types that will always complain about something. Unfortunately, they seem to take over message boards. I was very happy to eventually find some blogs of fellow expats who seem much happier. I was starting to feel like a freak for not being miserable.

      We’re still going through the bathroom repair work (the last of the tile repair to be done tomorrow morning), so I’m particularly envious of your visit to the poo men.

  3. Hey,

    I read about Kafe Belgie and ‘t Oude Pothuys in the NYT article you have linked to in this post and went there today. Heard Christaan Hof perform live at ‘t Oude Pothuys. It was awesome! Also went to Kafe Belgie and now I totally know what the phrase ‘spoilt for choice’ means. What else can you say when you have to choose from a selection of over 180 different kinds of beer!

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