Day of Celebration

There’s so much to celebrate today! It’s International Women’s Day! It’s Mardi Gras/Carnaval! It’s my parents’ wedding anniversary! It’s my birthday! Cake for everyone!

Saturday afternoon, we heard marching bands nearby, and when I peered out the window, I saw that there was a parade going through the main street through the city! Although the biggest celebrations of Carnival/Mardi Gras take place down in the southern part of the country around Maastricht, other cities still put on some sort of celebration. Utrecht had a parade. It took me back to my university days in New Orleans.

Today is the final day of celebrations before the beginning of Lent (if you follow all that), but I’ll be celebrating a bit of excess this evening with another feast of small round foods and a decadent chocolate birthday cake — which needs to be made, so I’d better get a move on! In the meantime, enjoy a few more photos of the floats in the parade.
Tree Stump
King Float
End of the Parade

9 thoughts on “Day of Celebration

  1. Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd!

    That Carnival parade looks a bit sad… wasn’t anybody watching them at all? It was quite the opposite in Den Bosch: thousands of spectators and all dressed up.

    Enjoy your evening with all the chocolate! 😉

    • Dankuwel!

      This was close to the starting point of the parade, which is why it looks a bit underattended. Further into the city center, it was packed with people, according to a friend who got stuck in it all while trying to do some shopping!

  2. Happy Birthday, Alison!! And Happy Women’s Day!! Will you be dressing up for the bday celebration? hehe
    I live too far from the city centre here in Z. to get to see parades of celebrations of any kind and every year I keep thinking that I should probably go at least to take photos and see how they do it in this part of the world… but I don’t like crowds!!

  3. Happy Birthday Alison and Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd ook!
    Hope that you have a fabulous day and celebration.
    The floats look wonderful, Never miss an interesting photo opportunity… well done !!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Those are really good floats – I don’t remember any celebrations from when I lived in Arnhem other than a small parade in Nijmegen, It looks like you have a good parade there (maybe it was to celebrate your birthday?)

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