Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town

Hij komt!
Hij komt!

There will be lots of children shouting that on Sunday when Sinterklaas makes his arrival. Sunday is the intocht, AKA Sinterklaas’ arrival by boat from Spain.
Sinterklaas Intocht
Despite the recent issues with the canal walls near the Weerdsluis, it seems everything has been stabilized and Sinterklaas will be able to disembark in his normal spot. If the rain holds off, I may go see some of the festivities. The kid in me gets a kick out of it. Plus, it seems like a good time to get the first oliebollen of the season.

If you want to see the festivities in person, here’s this year’s schedule:
12.00 The boat parade begins at LedigErf
12.30 Weerdsluis festivities begin
13.00 Boats arrive at Weerdsluis
14.00 Begin the procession to Janskerkhof
14.30 Festivities at Janskerkhof

6 thoughts on “Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town

  1. I couldn’t help myself. I had a lot of fun watching his arrive on television on Saturday. My daughter who is still too young to get it was oblivious of the who event but I made up for both of us.

    • I didn’t watch the intocht on tv, but I did go watch the arrival here in Utrecht yesterday. Couldn’t resist! It’s fun seeing all the boats full of people that follow the whole procession up the canal. I affectionately refer to them as Sinterklaas groupies. 🙂

  2. I missed it, again. I want to see at least 1 “intocht” in my lifetime, as I’ve always regretted not actually seeing one when I was still a believer (the Sinterklaas bubble burst for me at the tender age of 6 :-). O well, maybe next year!

    I’m still not getting email notifications of new posts btw Alison. am I the only one or is there some technical problem?

    • I’ve only seen part of the boat bit, not the actual disembarkation or the parade through town. I’m hoping to catch the parade next year for a change. We should go together, since there’s a lot of waiting around, which gets a bit dull on your own.

      No idea what’s happening with the email notifications. Could they be ending up in a spam folder? I’ll try to see if there have been any comments from WordPress about any known glitches.

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