Kitschy Jesus statues aren’t limited to US thrift stores or the front yard of that one weird neighbor. Nope. They show up in Dutch hairdresser shop windows, too. This one is in the window of a shop on Voorstraat. I pass it regularly and today I decided to get a shot of it to use in my Project 365.

I’m continuing to love this project, because it’s definitely making me look at my surroundings in a whole new way. I pass this statue all the time, but it never occurred to me to get a shot of it until today. I knew I would be dealing with window reflections, but it turned out to work in my favor. At first glance, when I was looking at the shots I got, I thought this one was going to end up deleted, because the reflections distorted the image too much. But with a simple adjustment of the contrast (ramp it up!), I ended up getting a fun, quirky, psychedelic image.

It almost looks like something that might be hanging in Stairway to Heaven, a local restaurant/bar/club here in Utrecht. I finally went to it on Thursday when I had a Tweetup (a meet up organized on Twitter) with some new friends, including a couple of fellow expat/immigrant bloggers I follow. The service might have been a bit slow, and the burger a bit cold, but it was very tasty and the company was excellent. I really enjoyed getting to meet some new people, especially such a fun and interesting group. I’m looking forward to future Tweetups with them!

Oh, and continuing my habit of injuring myself somehow while G is out of the country, I slipped on a small patch of ice as I was leaving the restaurant that night. I ended up going down hard onto my left knee. That would be the same knee that I injured last spring while trying to stop Lola from making a break for it over the garden wall. The one that had me laid up for three weeks. Fortunately, I was able to walk home and ultimately only suffered some tenderness, bruising and a bit of scraping. Still, I’m glad G’s arriving home this evening!

14 thoughts on “Hay-Zoos

  1. We went to Stairway to Heaven with a huge group and had a really great experience, but we’d made a reservation and ordered ahead so that might’ve made a difference.

    I’m so sorry you fell! I’m glad the ice down here is finally melting.

    • Oh, I’d still go back. The burger was really good, even if not quite as warm as it could be.

      Fortunately, the ice has all gone now. Of course, that means the ground where I take my dog out each day is starting to resemble a marsh now that everything has melted! Such a mess!

  2. I know that window well 🙂 Love your shots and look forward to following along!
    I’ll bet we’ve cycled/walked past each other a few times…

  3. It looks like Jesus has quite a job trying to untangle those Christmas tree lights. I guess the guy likes to decorate for his own birthday too.

    Great photo and I hope your knee is feeling better.

  4. Nice pic, reminds me of how much more I need to learn about photography 🙂
    Wishes for your knee to get well soon. And a tweetup sounds quite interesting, a great way to know other people!!

  5. I think the photo turned out to be great! It indeed does look psychodelic :o) There are so many things that we see each day and yet we don’t see for real …
    Nasty fall on your knee! Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as the previous one.

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