Put Your Best Foot Forward

Flower Clog
I forgot to post this last month when our friends came for dinner and brought this lovely flower arrangement. How cute is it to use the clogs (klompen) as flower pots!

Today was spent doing my yearly taxes (in Dutch), so forgive me for the short-and-sweet post.

5 thoughts on “Put Your Best Foot Forward

  1. Luckily Himself has a tax adviser for his business so we get to throw our tax papers in his direction and he gets this hassle out of the way for us.
    (For a hefty fee of course) but he also saves us heaps on stuff we wouldn’t have a clue to claim for, so it works out in the end.
    Good Luck with yours! (and your klompen met bloemen is brilliant!)

    • I’m definitely getting someone else to do it for me next year, as my client list is more internationally diverse now. Much too confusing and scary now!

    • It really is Dutch, isn’t it! Clogs, flowers and even a passing reference to cheese with the blue and white (Delft!) canister in the background. The only thing I’m really missing from the first photo is a windmill.

  2. Nice present! I like to see them in the garden or on windowsills.
    Good luck with the tax job! We have someone doing it for us but I was actually thinking of giving it a try myself, since now I am more familiar with paperwork here in NL … (and save 150 euros hehe)

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