Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring in all of Its Green Glory

Garden GreeneryThis week’s photo challenge theme is spring in all of its many glories and charms. For me, spring is the return of walks around the city, admiring all the little nooks and crannies that come alive with greenery and blooms, both wild and intentional. Crocuses, tulips, and daffodils spring up in abstract masses in almost every grassy area surrounding the old city center.

On a recent walk, I was blown away by the profuse greenery surrounding the Lievendaal villa. The shade of the trees, the intensity of the green, and the pops of blue from tiny flowers turned this little corner into a verdant wonderland that doesn’t seem like it will truly be contained by the wrought-iron fence.Garden Greenery

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring in all of Its Green Glory

  1. Absolute gorgeous shot of all that green escaping from the fence! I love that the city is so big but still does have quite a lot of nature scattered about.

    • Thanks! We’ve got quite a few parks nearby, plus much of the area along the surrounding canal is surprisingly green and lush (and after today’s rain, sure to be even more so!)

  2. Nice photos! I love how lush springtime in the Netherlands can be (when we don’t have a brutal January/February, that is!).

    • Sometimes I forget what month/season it is exactly because we had such a mild winter! It’s been a bit discombobulating, but I’m happy to be confused amid so much greenery. 🙂

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