Foto Friday: Pretty Ugly

Pretty UglyUtrecht is full of traditional Dutch architecture, with brick galore and stepped roof facades. But we also have a few more modern buildings, including the Neudeflat seen in the distance. This building, in particular, is pretty reviled throughout the city for being straight-up ugly, but there are a few who sing the building’s praises.

Me? I think I’d like it more if I could get up on the top floor to take photos of the city. If anyone knows how I can do that or when it will be open to the public the next time, please let me know. I will say that this Ode on the Neudeflat (in Dutch) did give me some new insight into the building that makes me like it much more now.

9 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Pretty Ugly

    • If it weren’t part of the larger skyline, it might not be so bad. But now that I’ve read more about it and the way it was built to fit an oddly sized space between two narrow streets, I’m feeling more positive toward it. I still wish it were a bit prettier, though! We have some super modern buildings here in town that I really love. Still, I know what you mean about similar buildings in Italy. I’ve seen a few during my trips there — and tried to forget.

  1. oh dear … it is ugly. As someone who’s been looking for a place to live in Utrecht since February though, if what it takes is building ugly flats, I’ll take it!!

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